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In a way, Seed has long had a relationship with fellow nonprofit The Montclair Academy of Dance and Laboratory of Music, aka MADLOM, through our Co-Founder Pheeroan akLaff and MADLOM’s Director and Co-Founder, Maya Milenovic Workman.

They first became friends through her husband, MADLOM Co-Founder and iconic bassist Reggie Workman. Pheeroan has played fundraisers for MADLOM, and he and Maya have talked about working together in Montclair. This is the first step, one that we think will make for some very happy kids and parents through our proposed tuition scholarships.

MADLOM is a unique entity in Montclair—not simply a dance school, certainly not a place of rote instruction. Since its founding in 1998 in the Workmans’ living room in Montclair, MADLOM has provided a unique performing-arts laboratory dedicated to creative development in a collaborative, non-competitive environment. Ages 3 to 18, for all needs and abilities, including the integration of special-needs students. Through music, dance, theater, spoken word, film and video, MADLOM teaches its students that they all have imagination and desire, and can grow into what inspires them. By emphasizing artistic literacy, creative expression, leadership and, ultimately, self-confidence, parents see a focused and creative child growing through art.

Seed Artists and MADLOM share the belief that the arts can be far more than merely a diversion, or an add-on to fill out a child’s schedule. They can lay the groundwork for communal cooperation, for creative problem-solving and critical thinking, and for many a life of greater fulfillment and even a career. By helping to fund tuition scholarships for children in and around Montclair who otherwise cannot afford to pay, we hope to play a part in making those things happen. Who knows where the next Eric Dolphy might be right now.

We encourage you to visit the MADLOM website to learn more about their mission and programs, and to donate through our fundraising for Eric Dolphy: Freedom of Sound.