Great Art for Good Works

A little set theory to set the stage: a Venn diagram depicting the overlapping missions of Seed Artists and the Montclair Public Library (MPL). Notice that nice, fat middle—in mathematical terms, the union. Or, as we call it: !

As big fans of the MPL, we are happy to announce a partnership that brings Seed Artists programming to the library. For kids and adults alike.

Why the library? First, it is Montclair’s primary educational and cultural center for youth, especially the underserved, outside of the public schools. Second, we believe deeply in the library as a core resource to inform, serve and build community.

Beginning in May, in partnership with Youth Services at the MPL, we will roll out programs designed to inspire the creative energies of our youth. For starters:

  • What’s that Sound? – A fun, interactive introduction to jazz with David Demsey, Director of Jazz Studies at William Paterson University—a top-flight tenor saxophonist—and WP students.
  • Build a Story – Children create a story and accompanying sound effects with renowned actor/educator/dramatist Michael Rogers.
  • Pied Piper Art Parade – A celebration of creativity. Children turn themselves into living artworks—sculptures, paintings, wherever the imagination goes—and parade through town led by The Pied Pipers, a band of jazz musicians assembled for this event.
  • Instrument Petting Zoo – An opportunity for kids (and adults) to get some hands-on time with a wide range of musical instruments.

In the works: Musical Storytime, Instrument-Making Camp, the Seuss-o-Phone, Your Brain on Music, and more.

And for adults and kids alike, we’re introducing two new programs:

Future Present: On June 29, as part of the Adult School’s free summer concert series, Seed will present an evening of adventurous, innovative music on the plaza at the library’s main branch. The concert will be preceded by an interactive educational presentation by the musicians.

The Hangout: Starting this fall, old-school listening sessions curated by Seed Artists. Replace a turntable and LPs with a laptop, add a theme—e.g., Thelonious Monk, Montclair jazz greats—and we have a Hangout. Hear something new, meet your neighbors, build community.

We’ll soon post dates and details, and link to the library’s website for program registrations. See you at the MPL!

Great Art for Good Works